Sunday, August 31, 2014

Burn : Classification and Treatment

Burns are classified into 3 types:
1. Superficial burns (1st degree burns) - these are burns which are limited to the epidermis
2 Partial thickness burns (2nd degree burns)- this is subdivided into 2 types
2 a. Superficial partial thickness burns - these involve all of the epidermis and the upper layers of the dermis
2 .b Deep partial thickness burns - these involve the whole of the epidermis and dermis
3. Deep partial thickness burns (3 rd degree burns)- these involve all layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat

1st degree burns can be treated with lotions, honey, aloevera or topical antimicrobial.
2nd degree burns can be treated with either a topical antibiotic or an occlusive dressing.
3rd degree burns generally require a skin graft.

Cleaning  of burn wounds should be done with sterile water. Ice should not be applied to a burn wound as it may cause further damage due to hypoyhermia. Wound healing is expedited in moist environment therefore occlusive dressing is preferred. Silver sulphadiazine is the preferred topical antibiotic.